When they go low, we go high…

I was not intending this to be my first blog entry, however I guess the advantage of me putting up my own website is that I get to do whatever I want.

Although the main purpose of this website was to share my experiences with a crappy product produced by Nissan and the crappy dealer that I had to contend with.  I’ve decided to use the blog for whatever I want, again my website I get to do what I want.

I’ll admit, I have somewhat enjoyed the political landscape that is shaping up this year.  But I think if I hear the saying “When they go low, we go high” one more time, I am going to throw up.  I don’t care which side of the fence you stand on, but anyone who has turned on the TV in the last 3 months knows that Hillary Clinton has not gone high.  95% of all the political ads I see from the Clinton campaign are bashing Trump.  Nothing about her agenda or what she is going to do for the people.  How is any of that going high?

President Obama hasn’t gone high; he is right in line talking about how unfit Trump is.  Senator Kaine, yeah…he’s gone real high as well.  I think the only person who potentially has gone high is Michelle Obama herself.  However, a few weeks ago she gave a speech where she stated “I can’t stop thinking about this.  It has shaken me to my core in a way that I couldn’t have predicted.”  This statement was made in regards to Trumps comments 11 years ago with Billy Bush.  This was a great speech, Mrs. Obama is a very compelling speaker…but come on shaken her to her core?  So…

  • An article published by the Chicago Tribune on 8/29/2016 states that August has been the most violent month in Chicago in nearly 20 years. According to the article, Chicago has recorded 487 homicides and more than 2,800 people shot year to date, compared to 491 homicides and 2,988 people shot in all of 2015.  But the fact that the Obama’s home town has had 487 homicides this year doesn’t shake Mrs. Obama to her core.
  • Since she is a democrat, I assume this doesn’t rock her to her core either…In 2013 The Washington Post published an article stating out of the 10.6 million services that Planned Parenthood performed 327,653 of them were abortion procedures. But this doesn’t shake her to her core.
  • According to a World Health Organization FactSheet updated February 2016, there are more than 200 million girls and women alive today that have had female genital mutilation performed on them in 30 countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. But hey this doesn’t shake her to her core.

What about the Dallas police officers that were recently gunned down, or the 2012 Benghazi attack, or the allegedly innocent people that the police have gunned down, or the 9,967 people killed by drunk drivers in 2014 according to the CDC?  None of these items shake her to her core, but the comments of one man 11 years ago do.  Again it was a good speech, but come on people let’s put some perspective around what should shock us to our core.

One last thing…this is what shocks me to my core, the transgender community and this push to make all bathrooms equal.  I have nothing against the transgender community, I honestly believe you can live your life however you choose.  However, I also believe the first time one of my daughters or grand-daughter are in a bathroom and someone with a penis enters that bathroom uninvited by my daughter or grand-daughter…there is going to be a problem.  I also believe any sane man that has held their newborn daughter in their hands, looked their daughter in the eyes, told them they loved them, and would protect them feels exactly the same way I do.  Oh, did I mention this apparently does not shake President and Mrs. Obama to there core as all this is happening during their time.  Shit, I forgot their kids are surrounded by secret service all the time, this couldn’t happen to them.

That is it for today’s rant, just needed to get that off my chest.  My next rant will include the invoices from McGavock Nissan of Wichita and their complete inability to get them right.

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